Sunday, May 16, 2010


tonsils are swollen from today morning.OTL...
I actually had sore throat since some days ago, but... finally today.
ah why... I have presentation tomorrow... nice timing.

I think that jinx came.... whenever final exam terms come, I become sick.
And it never changes hoho^0^ that stinks.


is getting cold!
but... I hope it would be little bit more humid....
it's so dry now a days

Ah yesterday I baked peanut butter cookie.....but....
when I finished and put it in the oven, I already got sick of the smell so I didn't eat..

I think I'll try it again looooooooong time later.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Favorite Post

This plan card says "Dreams come true"
These pictures were 2002 World Cup in Korea
I will be watching 2010 World Cup in air plane!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkk
Accidentally my date and the game date is same.......
I hope they will show the game in plane....! If they show I'll never forget it because it's really really unique situation and I'll never experience again!
It has been 4 years already!!!!
I remember I was cheering Korea team at dawn!!!!! because 2006 Word Cup was in Germany so the time difference... but I wasn't even sleepy because the cheering was so loud and so exciting!!!
It was crazy...

And these are 2006 World Cup season pictures...all of them are people!
Can you imagine that all the people screaming and sing cheering songs and make one sound?!
It was really impressive and even looking at the picture I can remember it and feel it
And now in some companies use this "heatness" at that time and trying to arouse it again for comming up season.
I'm also looking forward to see this heatness again!!! and I want to hear that shouting again!1

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ah this week doesn't go fast!

I want to go to Korea..
I think I cannot see my friends alot because their enterance exam for university will be soon when I go.. and also I'll have to study too... Am I really going to study?!!! I have to but..ummm
I'll try.
I think I can meet someonekkkk fortunately he will get vacation from army similar period!!
I don't know but I want to see him kk Poor man...
One of my cousin is also in army now
But I heard he is having problem in there.
When I go, finally I will get identity card!
In Korea we get it when 18th birthday pass. I already had to get it last year
but since I'm here in Brazil..
I have to get immediately otherwise I have to pay panelty!!
Anyway it's exciting, but strange too;;
because when I was young I always wanted to be an adult, but now I don't really want to be.
I want to pass two or three years!!