Sunday, March 21, 2010

Half day

I just discovered that tomorrow is half day!!!!!
It lays me on peace *-*

I think it's been long time to write on here..

And nowadays my mom bother me saying to be a stewardess!!
It was just my past dream like 6 years ago and I gave up because when I researched on the internet about qualifications for being a stewardess it was... kkkkk
Then after, it just became my respectable job kkk

When my mom said search about stewardess, I said "don't you know that it's really competitive and they choose only people with very high grade?!kk I cannot be! your dream is too big kkkkk don't ask me too muchkkk"
And she said "How about the other universities? Where do you want to go? then you can never go other universities too!"

Oh mom...kkkkkkkkk
I'm losing my hope

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