Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ah this week doesn't go fast!

I want to go to Korea..
I think I cannot see my friends alot because their enterance exam for university will be soon when I go.. and also I'll have to study too... Am I really going to study?!!! I have to but..ummm
I'll try.
I think I can meet someonekkkk fortunately he will get vacation from army similar period!!
I don't know but I want to see him kk Poor man...
One of my cousin is also in army now
But I heard he is having problem in there.
When I go, finally I will get identity card!
In Korea we get it when 18th birthday pass. I already had to get it last year
but since I'm here in Brazil..
I have to get immediately otherwise I have to pay panelty!!
Anyway it's exciting, but strange too;;
because when I was young I always wanted to be an adult, but now I don't really want to be.
I want to pass two or three years!!

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

I have so many questions now. When are you thinking of going back? Who is this boy you might get to see? And what are the privileges/responsibilities that go along with getting an ID card?